About Us

Phos Incantation was created in New Orleans by Rashad (redacted last name), also known as "Phos." This brand was created in 2021 after 6 years of nonstop self-studying. My first recognition for fashion started in 2003 after seeing a guy in the Lakeside Shopping Center wear a VERY futuristic outfit. The fit consisted of a Bape shirt, metallic pants, and this very futuristic black backpack, paired with a white fitted cap. I immediately was inspired and attempted to freestyle my own fit, which was immediately shot down by my parents. This went on since 2013 when I started tailoring my own pants after being refused skinny jeans. This eventually led to me to embroidery and other things such as patchwork and other customization.

As of now (2023), I am full on making garments from blankets, and other things I find around to repurpose and even reconstructed garments (Upcycled/ clothing that is made from other clothing). Coupled with my avant garde style, this can be seen as redemption for being held in a box when I wanted to stand out.